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Our Father In Heaven....

Check it out! I havent opened my 'Jesus Calling' devotional in a while but decided to pop it open today and it is hand in hand with my last share from couple days ago, haha😄

I Love how God works to reiterate, reinforce, and remind what He presses on our hearts❣

Our prayer time does not only have to be worded and spoken, in fact, God's Word says to sit silently and wait expectantly too!

God knows our needs before we ever speak a word...just taking the time to slow down and fix our mind on Him is a form of prayer according to His Word.

I find that my worded prayer when I sit to pray is filled with thanks to God for all He has done, all He is doing, and all He is going to do.

I pray for my friends and family and those hurting and sick.

I ask God and thank Him for His guidance to my day and our life and decisions.

I thank Him for directing my children and their hearts to know Him as He wants to be known and that they would desire Truth and righteous living.

I pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment and to know Truth how God meant it to be understood.

I thank Him for His forgiveness and grace to me and ask His help to forgive and extend grace to others.

I thank Him for His grace, mercy, kindness, compassion, love, protection, and provision.

I thank Him for being my Strength, because I know my strength fails EVERYDAY.

I always end my prayer, "In Jesus Name, Amen" and sometimes, my prayers throughout my day are just simply, "Thank You God!"

When I sit down and begin to pray this way it fixes my mind on God. Then if I choose to sit silently after and just rest in His Presence, my worded prayer has driven my wandering thoughts to fix on my Heavenly Father AND It reminds my forgetful heart that His presence is ALWAYS right here with me.

I find Peace and encouragement in the quiet.

I am reminded WHO is in control and no matter what comes, everything I face has been 'Father-Filtered' first.

There is purpose and significance to EVERY detail and EVERY struggle I will ever face. 🥰🙏🏼

and Thank You God that there is!! 🙌❤

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