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From Emotions To Truth

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

We all have had our shining moments confronting circumstances or people with our emotions leading the charge, have we not? Did the outcome leave you feeling satisfied or with regret?

Emotions can be brutal. Merciless raging weapons aimed to take out the offender along with any bystander, innocent or not, in the wake of attack.

But that is not all....

Emotions can be humbling. Move us to compassion, empathy, and understanding for circumstances and people.

So how do we know we are leading the charge with emotions and reacting vs. responding from a place of truth over it?

Are we even aware there is a difference?

There is a difference!


In order to respond instead of react you must first know the difference.

(...more to come...)


Now that we touched on respond vs. react now you must seek truth.

What is truth?...

……(to be continued)

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