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In The Quiet...

I have found so much healing just doing this....making quiet space, even if I have to escape from my family.

Through this last year God showed up in that time over and over and over and OVER....

He showed me throughout it that it's not about how much I can read or write or pray in that time...its simply coming before my God Who needs NOTHING and sit silent before Him and realize His Presence is ALWAYS with me.

I am being intentional, like He says in His Word, to sit silently and just BE WITH HIM (Be Still and Know that I Am God...) and fix my mind on thinking directly of Him and WAIT ON HIM. Sometimes there was specific clear messages I received pressed onto my heart or a unique physical awareness of Him there with me through my time spent being still and sitting silently... and other times it was just relaxing quiet time I know I took to sit silently with my Father God and listen intently to what He might tell me during our time together.

He just wants us to choose to BE with Him. It isnt about specificly how that time looks except for being silent and fixing our mind on Him intently.

Make quiet space for God in your EVERY day, it will be worth it ❤💯🙏🏼🤗

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